Software Security Assurance

Even a small vulnerability can have a catastrophic impact on a business, its customers, and its partners. Steeple approaches software security where it starts: at the source. Through static analysis and expert peer review, Steeple can provide a source code security assessment for your organization. We will work with your development team to come up with options to remediate security issues.

Who needs software security assurance?

We believe that Software Security Assurance is important to every project. It is a vital part of a security program for organizations with high-value applications, public-facing applications, and situations where there is inherited code perhaps from developer turnover or mergers/acquisitions.

Why choose us?

Steeple brings over four years of experience to the art of software security assurance. Our tools, processes, and expertise infuse security best practices into your software and development team. Consider choosing us to conduct an independent software security assessment for your application.

The Benefits

Software Security Assurance finds vulnerabilities that other approaches can't find. Although many organizations perform dynamic testing, it is almost impossible to catch security vulnerabilities without expert analysis.

Put us to work for you


Consider choosing us to conduct an independent software security assessment for your application.


When you inherit code, or a new team takes on old code, a software security assessment is a great way to get a baseline.


Automated static analyzers yield false positives and cannot test everything. We couple tools with language and security expertise.


Many projects have little or no documentation -- we can produce design documentation and UML as part of our assessment.


Our reports are actionable, with options for fixing discovered vulnerabilities.

Defect prevention

We will engage your development team with best practices to avoid future issues.